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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Side effects..

I wonder whats going on today...whats happened...

ONE: Ive missed three days of the thyroid med I am on...grumbles but tomorrow am back on it, thank goodness as its made me feel dizzy and ill not having been on it.

TWO: I'm craving sugar...the metformin is meant to take care of that..but there is nothing I want more than a Cadbury Cream egg right fact like 8 of them..nom nom nom...however it can not be.

Starting another new med...antibiotic one time deal on Sunday..woohoo..and I must get on new vitamins..I did however work out at two separate gym classes last week and doing the same this week (uping it from one gym class and a wii exercise program and walking everyday) As well as a 5 km walk yesterday. Ryan thinks I'm pushing it...funny I don't think I'm doing enough.

Side effects...other then the pain I have mentioned I think before..which doesn't seem to faze my dr. But anyhow. My skin sucks...I don't know which med is doing it but it sucks..Ive never had a problem with acne..EVER...not as a teen not ever..people hated me for that and now...ugh...HATE IT. I don't know what to Noxzema battle I hope kicks in soon!!!!

until next time..

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  1. Hi,

    I was linked here from another blog, read your story and was wondering how you are doing...